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About me

If someone had told me 5 years ago I would be a writer some day and have to write a bio for my author website, I would’ve probably laughed in his face. My childhood dreams mostly consisted of figuring out how to get some super powers and fighting whatever bad guys are out there. (Finding out later that Gama radiations wouldn’t give you anything but cancer was a big disappointment as you can tell.)


Most of my life, it was me and my imagination versus reality. Why deal with drama when you can forget everything and live in your own world? Of course it didn’t get homework and other responsibilities done, but it sure saved me a lot of overthinking about daily drama (You could guess by now, it’s been A LOT of drama) and unintentionally helped me later with writing. I mean there are certain creatures in the Jeremy Heimer series that 11 year old me came up with and I have no idea how I can still remember them. I can barely remember yesterday’s dinner.


Everytime I watched a cartoon, a film or even played a video game, I just couldn’t help but come up with a new ending or think of a story around one of the secondary characters. And in middle school I had developed a little obsession with books after reading Dickens’s Great Expectations. I don’t know why I started with classics then turned to reading young adult and mostly fantasy books, but it made sense at the time. That was also when I had first attempted writing some of the stories I had in mind, mostly about the bizarre dreams I keep having up to this day.


I had finished writing Jeremy Heimer and the Lady of the Frozen Owl the summer before my last year in highschool, tried to query, got rejected god knows how many times. (You know. The usual. Even J.K Rolling got rejected 12 times before getting Harry Potter out there.) And well, by November (Not long after my birthday) I signed my contract with Crystal publishing, LLC. (Birthday wishes come true y’all.)